Easy Perfect Mahi Mahi recipe (step by step)


Mahi Mahi, also known as Dorado, is a deservedly popular fish. When done right, mahi mahi is tender, flaky, and deliciously tasty. This lemon and garlic butter sauce is sensational.


Perfect and easy Mahi Mahi recipe

I grew up in a family that often served fish for dinner. Any weekday night, we sit down to a meal that includes cooked fresh fish. My parents served all varieties of fish, from whole fish to steaks. They used all cooking methods with their fish recipes, from stew to fried bread.


Maybe some of you are just trying to wrap your taste buds around the whole braised fish idea. For reals, when done right, it’s incredibly delicious.


As a child, I naively thought that everyone loved at least a little fish. Unfortunately, one day [gray] I discovered that I was far from the truth. (Pssst: I have been secretly convinced that it must be because some have yet to find their perfect fish recipe.) 😉


Although there are a myriad of ways to cook delicious fish (Lemon Leaf Bread Salmon), this easy mahi mahi fish recipe is perfect for anyone to make. It only takes about 20 minutes, it’s super cute and incredibly tasty …



Whether you’re a pro fish cooker-eater or you’re trying to start incorporating more fish into your diet, this recipe is a perfect way to serve it up. We use the stovetop-to-oven method of cooking here, like we do with this trusty lemon garlic swordfish, which yields a nicely browned exterior yet tender center.


Here are some of our helpful tips for cooking mahi mahi:


Get either super fresh or quick-frozen, high quality mahi mahi… wild is best, and will provide the best flavor.

Be sure your mahi portions are about 6-7oz each, with at least 1-inch thickness. If your portions are thin or too small, they’ll tend to overcook and the seasoning proportions will be off.

Always pat dry excess moisture from the fish; this step is super important, as it affects how well your fish will brown. I use paper towels to fully pat away all extra moisture.

Your cooking oil needs to be very hot [like, sizzling] before adding the fish. This allows for quick and even browning of the exterior.

Preheat the oven ahead of time so that it’s nice and hot when you transfer the mahi mahi directly from stovetop to oven.



A lot of freshly minced garlic is required.

Take a fresh lemon and grate the peel; then squeeze out 1 TB of acidic juice.

I prefer to use pure salted butter, but feel free to use salt-free if you like.

For freshly chopped herbs, we use chives or parsley … or both.

Tip: The sauce can be prepared ahead of time, covered and chilled until ready to heat to serve. It is a great sauce to have on hand.


What to serve with this dish?


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For an easy skillet rice dish, this Easy Rice Pilaf with Mushrooms is fantastic.


We really like this 20 minute lemon spinach orzo salad for some vegetables and a full meal.


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